New Illustrated Novel Arriving Soon…

Weaving from the near future to the 32nd century, this monumental story explores what happens when humanity confronts forces beyond understanding, pulling it towards different eternities.

A festering planet-wide machine intelligence known as machinu exerts ever increasing influence, while reactionary elements of human society seek to repress cyborgs and other machinekind.

Those behind the walls of secure and prosperous Sci-cities peer out with foreboding at what may be happening beyond…

Some advocate for hyperloading their consciousness and evacuating physical reality altogether, while others seek to reclaim frayed bonds with the natural world, seeking the visionary states that may be harvested there.

Scientists have developed the Calculix, a mind-interface device that acts as a gateway to other dimensions, but entities from beyond are already influencing human affairs, having arrived long ago.

Welcome to the Borderlands of Forever.

Available March 2nd, 2023.

Art by Henry Hablak, remixed by JBW.


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