The Borderlands of Forever

The illustrated novel by Jeff B Willey is now available! A neo-mythic exploration of time and consciousness, belief and reality, and what it means to be human – and inhuman. Strap in for a mind-expanding journey. . .

Available in ebook and print versions for your reading pleasure.

What happens when humanity confronts forces beyond understanding, pulling it towards different eternities? One of its own making — the vast synthetic intelligence known as machinu — and another arrived from realms long suspected, but ignored by conventional science: interdimensional entities.

The Borderlands of Forever spirals through time as its characters confront shifting realities. We meet Lila Sandcherry, agent with the Bureau of Sentience Surveillance, who is tracking a cast-off test subject used in dimension-shifting experiments; Circ Larimar, a machine-human hybrid hiding from human persecution while seeking the origin of his consciousness; Phram Kesh, a crewmember on a multi-generation starship searching for the truth behind his voyage; and agents Deximer Crombie and Dillon Treehorse, trekking through cloud forests in an attempt to locate a plant said to bestow dimensional access, the very same plant used by remnant human tribes hundreds of years later to combat the invading machinu.

The time map and time line within this illustrated novel can be used to explore the Borderlands at will, from the near future to the 32nd century.

What people are saying:

“Willey’s imagination conjures a future where, for the right price, humans can grow new bodies, essentially never growing old, or their consciousness can be uploaded to a digital utopia. … Space travel and menacing alien life forms heighten the stakes, and fans of bold science fiction storytelling will delight in the abundance. … This is an intense, head-spinning survey of the battle for the top rung on the evolutionary ladder. Sci-fi fans who delight in dense, inventive timelines will relish this thriller of humanity’s future.” BookLife Reviews

“A wildly detailed vision of humanity’s destiny, spanning multiple centuries and countless technological, social, astronomical, and existential advancements, the book speeds the reader through time on an exhilarating whirlwind of powerful prose. … Willey is clearly knowledgeable in astro-tech and cutting-edge science, but he also crafts characters that are immediately engaging, including Kina and Valen (mischievous 29th century kids) and Zekiah Ninch, a scientist on an ill-fated quest for immortality. … Willey’s ability to blur the line between theoretical science, quantum spirituality, and creative extrapolation manages to keep the storytelling within the bounds of believability, giving the writing a practically prophetic feel. The book is allegorical, aspirational, and apocalyptic, making it both entertaining and thought-provoking for modern readers facing more decades of inevitable disruption. … The unique structure of the novel, leaping forward and backward in time, reinforces the idea of nonlinearity and the quantum puzzles of existence; in other words, it is perfectly on brand for this type of writing, which also leaves readers with a sense of uncertainty, as well as an unusual level of control over their own reading experience … this is an ambitious, inspiring, and truly original achievement.” SPR, 5-Star Review ★★★★★

“As humanity moves from Earth to the stars and reinvents itself both physically and psychically, so changing prophets and belief systems confront strange attitudes, new worlds, and possibilities that both blossom and contract to redefine mankind’s endeavors and countenance. From starships to cloud forests, these adventures push the definition and experience of humanity in a manner that will lend to thought-provoking book club discussions and sci-fi reader contemplation. … Libraries looking for engrossing speculative works must include The Borderlands of Forever in their collections as a literary example of the power in blending philosophical, technological, and social inspection within a speculative sci-fi overlay.” D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Jeff B Willey offers a conceptual feast for fans of hard science-fiction and deeply psychological, human reads. This is a work that thrives on allowing readers to view both micro and macro approaches, from the intricate portrayal of characters like Circ and his discussion of what humanity means, to the wider threat of synthetic intelligence and how it can turn on its creators in a heartbeat.” Reader’s Favorite, 5-Star Review


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