Acrylic paint, collage and pastel on canvas, 2013. The object in the background is based on a sighting in the night sky during the summer of 1998 in Saskatoon.  I was sitting outside with my friend Muxx, taking a break from jamming in my parents’ basement, and we were both looking up when balls of […]

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Sleep Taxonomy

‘ Mixed media art, completed in winter 2008/’09 for my parents’ dining room. Colours were chosen to match the room. ‘Sleep Taxonomy’ : acrylic paint + collage.

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Visionary art through history

An overview of visionary art as presented by Alex Grey: Alex Grey on the History of Visionary Art The renowned artist draws connections between his predecessors and contemporaries, from Tibetan Thangka art to Hieronymus Bosch, through to Johfra Bosschart and Robert Venosa – fascinating.  {Via Timewavezero}

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