The Calculix , Part 1

The Calculix

There are people who claim to have been through the rift, a transient crease in time’s pace that assembles events in random configurations, often with bizarre consequences.  The only way it’s possible is if the Calculix is real.

It’s not any crazier than believing the laws of the universe are true and have had their way with us, evolving us into these strange physical forms.

Time’s silent soldiers – seconds, minutes, hours – march over the planet in precision and perfect resolve.  Or so we thought.

“Time,” declared renegade researcher Dr. Wolfgang LeVram, “can be thought of as a continuous beam between receptors at all points.  Everything – objects, people, whales – are suspended in the intervening jelly.  With sufficient know-how this beaming can be controlled, or at least influenced.”

I remember sneaking into his lectures.  I wasn’t majoring in physics but I was fascinated by his story and reputation.  Disparaging comments from his rivals and the media only increased the appeal.  Dr. LeVram touted his Calculix, sixteen years in the making, as a device possessed of the ability to control time.  The problem was that no one could confirm whether it worked and to what extent, as everything and everybody is embedded in time and so detecting its effects were difficult.

It was easy to dismiss it all as crack pottery.  But I know people who claim first hand experience with its power, bright young students involved in the research who now live on the streets, their reality shattered, and I need to know why.

[This is Part 1 of The Calculix Series]


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