LeVram’s Masterwork

What exactly is the Calculix?

Those who claim to have seen it describe the object as an irregularly shaped construct of component pieces joined at odd angles, sometimes glowing, often with a repeating motif of lines or circles that seem to scale to infinity.  It is at least three-dimensional, if not more.  Fractal, but not exactly.  It hovers with a distinctive hum in the receptacle containing it, which is thought to carry an anti-entropic field.

Your average college physics professor will explain that the object, if it exists, amounts to what is known as a Tipler cylinder, albeit with modifications.  In other words, an almost infinitely long rotating cylinder of super-dense neutronium reaching straight to heaven.  The cylinder warps space around it to create closed time-like curves, and at any point one can theoretically travel into the light cone.  The foremost physicists of our age say such a device can never be built, and most commentators decry it as nothing more than a pipe dream.  But this pipe has been sending bodies beyond the edge of reality, if rumors can be believed.

Those more closer to the research contend that it is not simply a mechanical device.  The truth is that the scientists who made it do not know exactly what it is, and have turned to philosophers for answers.

Metaphysicists say that it makes more sense to view the Calculix as not a strictly material object, but as consciousness, or at least a kind of information pattern that interacts with human consciousness in some way.  It is a hyperspatial noetic object.  An access point.  A convergence of the sentient parts of the universe at a physical egress.

LeVram’s masterwork was declared classified research with national security implications.  His labs were raided by government operatives and his materials seized.  Academics rose in outrage at such brazen and unprecedented actions by the government, but to no avail.  The courts sided with the Feds and upheld the seizure and confiscation of the Calculix.  LeVram was offered the opportunity to continue working with his creation under supervision and within the confines of secured facilities.  He quietly accepted.

It has been eight years since that seminal event.  Only a trickle of vague statements have been released to the public on the status of the Calculix and the progress of the research program, while the extent of Dr. LeVram’s involvement remains unclear.

I’ve maintained an interest in the story over the years, fed mainly by the conspiratorial recesses of the internet.  The claims being made are overwhelming, unbelievable, and ultimately unprovable.  Supposedly human subjects have disappeared over its radiant edge and successfully returned.

I could have left it at that.  But I decided to go deeper.

[LeVram’s Masterwork is Part 2 of The Calculix Series]


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