Vietnam Beach Scene

Mui Ne is a mellow beach town on the South China Sea about 4-5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). We hired a driver for a 3am night flight out of the city to avoid traffic, and spent the first night at Novella resort, a more upscale option. We intended to stay just 1 night but couldn’t pull ourselves away, and our accommodations got progressively cheaper each night until we ended up in a backpacker hostel. Kite surfing is a huge draw in Mui Ne.WP_20130405_026.jpg



4 thoughts on “Vietnam Beach Scene

  1. The beach sounds magical and food delicious. But I can’t see them. I need visual cues. Help a man live vicariously with some photos.

    Hows the coffee?

    1. Hey hey! Yeah I’m having some troubles using the WordPress mobile app to update the website – working on it. The coffee is good, drinking a lot of Vietnamese iced coffee because it’s so hot here (espresso + condensed milk + ice). For the most part the coffee is the instant variety, espresso machines are only found in high end places and the western-style chain coffee shops 🙂

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