The Calculix , Part 1

There are people who claim to have been through the rift, a transient crease in time’s pace that assembles events in random configurations, often with bizarre consequences.  The only way it’s possible is if the Calculix is real. It’s not any crazier than believing the laws of the universe are true and have had their […]

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A work in progress with coloured pencil…  Attempting to capture an ephemeral vision, like trying to nail down a cloud.

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Blorgg, Green

  Rotting leftovers from the fridge of my mind, years later found stinking in the back corner.  This variety of space jelly is known to feed on the imaginations of aspiring children…..  

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Passenger Seven

With time I’ve gained perspective and realize that she would have been there for me if only I could have opened up.  Instead, distracted, I ignored her and everyone in going into myself, a rodent obsessed with finding the eternal cheese of perpetuity in a maze that is fractal and therefore endless.  Now I recoil […]

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