The Afterlife Party

The invitation arrived the old way, by mail, and unfolded into three ornate handmade sections corresponding to heaven, hell and purgatory.  An invitation that in the end no one can refuse and so, on a rumour of a night five weeks later and under oppression of a February arctic front, Nellis, Dee and Wes cut […]

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Wedding Dance

We were looking through a knothole in the wooden wall of an outhouse as the ladies went pee, fighting to see what we could see. The band still rip-roaring inside the hall, too much snuck alcohol.  We had unseasoned brains back then.  They heard us and we ran.  Their boyfriends went looking to beat us up. We […]

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Wave-Particle Duality

We can feel anticipation radiating off the instruments.  They want it just as bad as we do.  Embracing these objects we begin to play.  I can make out forms moving through the smoke hanging in the shack: we have converted into waves.  Three sound waves that embody the character of our chosen instruments bound with […]

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Ride 15-2b

It was a fall sunday and I was on a freak ride, humid air running like silk over the arms, when I located a hobo trail leading up to the smoldering coals of a lawn chair bonfire.  I poked around a bit before going on, and arrived at an abandoned train bridge with no signs […]

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Passenger Seven

With time I’ve gained perspective and realize that she would have been there for me if only I could have opened up.  Instead, distracted, I ignored her and everyone in going into myself, a rodent obsessed with finding the eternal cheese of perpetuity in a maze that is fractal and therefore endless.  Now I recoil […]

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